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Canine Accommodations

Indoor/Outdoor Runs      $23.50
Indoor Runs                    $23.50  
    one additional Dog      $21.50
Garden Apartments         $22.00
    one additional Dog      $20.00
Themed Villa Suites         $26.50
    one additional Dog      $24.50
Family Villa Suite            $28.00
Canine Accommodations Include three walks and bedding.

Additional Walks can be purchased for $2.00 each.

Group Play Evaluation     $10.00
15 Minute Group/Individual Play Session    $12.00

Feline Accommodations

Single                    $16.00
Double 1 Cat         $21.00
             2 Cats       $34.00
             3 Cats       $41.50

Feline Accommodations Include
one, ten minute play time
per day and bedding.
Additional 10 minute play sessions can be purchased for $8.00 each.

University Pet Resort can provide veterinarian recommended food and administer prescribed medications for additional fees.


Small        $13.00
Large        $16.00

Must provide own food and cage.

Our Discounts:

-$2 off for room-sharing - Senior Discount 60+ 10% off - Cat Spots Discount 10% - FREE bath after 10 nights-
-10% multi-pet discount (3 or more pets and will not be combined with room sharing discount) -